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Aerospace Education

Aerospace Education is a core mission of the Civil Air Patrol. Presenting courses and learning opportunities to both our membership and our communities, the Aerospace Education program offers the opportunity to learn about the exciting world of aerospace. From the past to the future, physics to psychology, terrestrial to extraterrestrial, we explore the rich variety of knowledge and disciplines that drive the aerospace industry

The CAP Cadet Program fully integrates aerospace education in its model. Each phase of the curriculum offers exciting and fun educational opportunities, from guest speakers, to model building, to actual flight time in the CAP aircraft, to formal and hands-on classes. Cadets will graduate from the program having learned about the wide range of skills and knowledge that make aviation possible.

CAP encourages its senior members to learn about aviation and its history. Although not mandatory, seniors have the opportunity to join the cadets to hear guest speakers, go on tours, and participate in hands-on activities at the squadron. The Senior Aerospace Education program also presents the Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager Aerospace Education Award to those senior members who decide to complete the online self-paced senior member Aerospace Education Program.

CAP’s Certified Flight Instructors also offer specialized education for CAP pilots to expand their flying skills, improve their safety judgment, and even add FAA ratings – all of which increase the squadron’s ability to safely respond to any tasking.

In The Community

Guided by CAP's 1946 Congressional Charter to "encourage and foster civil aviation in local communities," the External Aerospace Education program connects CAP’s expertise and focused curriculum with the local community.

CAP provides the community with a wide variety of materials that help integrate aviation and aerospace into their classrooms. This outreach program centers on CAP member guest speakers, hosted field trips, hosted science competitions and information fairs. The Aerospace Education staff can also provide focused experiences for groups such as the Boy Scouts of America, the Girl Scouts of America, 4-H, Indian Guides, Indian Princesses, and the like.

K-12 teachers also have the opportunity to join CAP in a limited capacity, known as an Aerospace Education Member. First and foremost, your membership opens the door to a rich collection of focused course materials and textbooks that help address the aerospace education need identified by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). Additionally, an Aerospace Education Member has the ability to fly in CAP aircraft and experience a specially designed flight curriculum.

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