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About Atlantic County Composite Squadron

The Birthplace Story

The Civil Air Patrol was founded in New Jersey on 1 December 1941, just days before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The State Director of Aviation, Gill Robb Wilson, envisioned and organized the nation's civilian aviation resources for national defense. The following month, German submarines commenced attacks on east coast shipping with devastating effects. An under-equipped military authorized the Civil Air Patrol to establish three coastal patrol bases manned by civilian volunteers who flew light aircraft to observe, deter and report enemy submarine activity. On 28 February, 1942 Coastal Base One was activated here at Bader Field in Atlantic City, and the first coastal patrols commenced on 10 March. These coastal patrols immediately proved invaluable to thwarting German U-boat operations. The military soon armed Civil Air Patrol aircraft with bombs and depth charges for attacking enemy submarines. By September 1942, a total of 21 Civil Air Patrol coastal bases extended from Maine to the Mexican border. Their daytime patrols over the nation's merchant shipping lanes continued through 31 August, 1943. The "flying Minute-men" saved countless ships from enemy attack and helped assure victory in the Battle of the Atlantic. Bader Field, later known as Atlantic City Municipal Airport closed on Sept. 30, 2006.

“Civil Air Patrol has kept a vigilant watch on the homeland since World War II,” said Col Steven Tracy, former New Jersey Wing Commander of the Civil Air Patrol. “The unveiling of this commemorative marker recognizes the historical significance of Bader Field but also pays tribute to an organization and its volunteers who have given more than seven decades of service to our nation.”


The CAP Triangle marks the origin point of our squadron and our organization.  The triangle, which is the Civil Air Patrol's logo, has three propellers, each representing the missions of CAP: Cadet Programs, Emergency Services, and Aerospace Education.

The rays of sun represent the expansion of the organization after the creation of our squadron by CAP founder Gill Rob Wilson in 1941.  

The aircraft flying away from the center represent how the fighters flew back in WWII, where a fighter always flew with a wingman.


The motto "The Birthplace of CAP" comes from the origin story of the Civil Air Patrol.  Our squadron was created in 1941, in Baker's Field, Atlantic City.  Baker's Field is the first airport that the CAP flew out of in WWII to support the Army Air Corps.  Our squadron proudly displays this on our patch to show the heritage and pride behind the history of our squadron.

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