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Squadron Commander's Welcome!

Welcome to the website of the Atlantic County Composite Squadron of the New Jersey Wing Civil Air Patrol!

I am Captain Kenneth Kisby, Sr. I have been involved in CAP since 2013 and have been given the opportunity to serve as Squadron Commander since September 2019. Since joining, nearly 8 years ago, I’ve had the opportunity to watch my three sons grow through the program, learning leadership skills and discipline. They have held various leadership positions ranging from Element Leader to Cadet Deputy Commander in our Squadron, to varying positions in Basic Encampment, Hawk Mountain Ranger School, Legislative Day and many other activities within CAP. I’ve seen the value and therefore continue to volunteer my time.

CAP has been referred to as “New Jersey’s Best Kept Secret.” Before joining, I knew very little of the organization. My first recollection of CAP was an episode of “Lassie,” in which Timmy and Lassie get lost in the woods and CAP sends out aircraft in search of them. If I remember correctly, they were partially responsible for finding them. This is a demonstration of CAP search and rescue using aircraft and ground teams.

It is my desire, in our Squadron, to provide an atmosphere that provides opportunities for growth and maturity through leadership training. While that may not be my strong-point, working as a team, both Senior Members and Cadets, we compliment each other to accomplish that goal. I’ve seen new cadets come in timid and quiet and have watched them grow into leaders. They have taken the challenges seriously and have proven themselves, from their first time teaching, to leading in training exercises, to week-long encampments and special activities. All this while, they were keeping up with school, which we emphasize to be a priority over CAP. Most parents will attest that their cadet has better behavior and is more responsible at home. I like to say that CAP builds leaders.

CAP’s three missions are Cadet Programs, Aerospace Education and Emergency Services. All cadets participate in each mission to varying degrees, generally based on interest. In Cadet Programs, they may teach a class on writing a Resume, proper “Customs and Courtesies,” being a good Wingman, supporting each other and much more. Aerospace Education does just that by teaching through both Seniors and Cadets about the many areas of manned and unmanned flight. They learn the basics of aerodynamics to Rocket Building and beyond. Then, there’s Emergency Services, where hard work can be had. We learn Search and Rescue procedures and skills, Urban Direction Finding (locating an ELT - “Emergency Locator Transmitter”), assisting with Disaster Relief, such as packaging food boxes, food distribution, or assisting in an Emergency Shelter, to name a few. Then, when the need arises, and we are called upon, we get to work.

CAP impacts the lives of young people and adults alike, which is largely why I joined. If you are interested in joining, check out our How to Join page. I encourage you to visit our meetings, find out what we're about and see if it's a good fit for your aspirations!



Capt Kenneth Kisby Sr, CAP

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